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Country Name Featured Artist Non-Featured Artist Producer
Argentina AADI-CAPIF [Yes] [Yes] [Yes]
Australia PPCA [No] [No] [Yes]
Austria LSG [Yes] [Yes] [Yes]
Azerbaijan RAYS [Yes] [Yes] [Yes]
Belgium PlayRight [Yes] [Yes] [No]
Belgium SIMIM [No] [No] [Yes]
Brazil ABRAMUS [Yes] [Yes] [Yes]
Bulgaria PROPHON [Yes] [Yes] [Yes]
Canada ACTRA RACS [Yes] [Yes] [No]
Canada Re:Sound [No] [No] [Yes]
Croatia HUZIP [Yes] [Yes] [No]
Czech Republic Intergram [Yes] [Yes] [Yes]
Denmark Gramex Denmark [Yes] [Yes] [Yes]
Estonia EFU [No] [No] [Yes]
Estonia EEL [Yes] [Yes] [No]
Finland Gramex Finland [Yes] [Yes] [Yes]
France ADAMI [Yes] [No] [No]
France SCPP [No] [No] [Yes]
France SPEDIDAM [No] [Yes] [No]
France SPPF [No] [No] [Yes]
Georgia GNRA [Yes] [Yes] [Yes]
Germany GVL [Yes] [Yes] [Yes]
Greece APOLLON [Yes] [Yes] [No]
Greece ERATO [Yes] [Yes] [No]
Greece GRAMMO [No] [No] [Yes]
Greenland Gramex Denmark [Yes] [Yes] [Yes]
Hungary EJI [Yes] [Yes] [No]
Hungary Mahasz [No] [No] [Yes]
Iceland SFH [Yes] [Yes] [No]
India ISAMRA [Yes] [Yes] [No]
India  PPL India [No] [No] [Yes]
Indonesia SELMI / ASIRINDO [Yes] [Yes] [Yes]
Ireland PPI [No] [No] [Yes]
Ireland RAAP [Yes] [Yes] [No]
Italy NUOVOIMAIE [Yes] [Yes] [No]
Italy SCF [No] [No] [Yes]
Jamaica JAMMS [No] [No] [Yes]
Japan GEIDANKYO [Yes] [Yes] [No]
Japan RIAJ [No] [No] [Yes]
Kazakhstan AMANAT [Yes] [Yes] [Yes]
Korea, South FKMP [Yes] [Yes] [No]
Latvia LAIPA [Yes] [Yes] [Yes]
Lithuania AGATA [Yes] [Yes] [Yes]
New Zealand Recorded Music NZ [No] [No] [Yes]
Norway GRAMO [Yes] [Yes] [Yes]
Norway Norwaco [Yes] [Yes] [No]
Poland SAWP [Yes] [Yes] [No]
Poland STOART [Yes] [Yes] [No]
Poland ZPAV [No] [No] [Yes]
Portugal GDA [Yes] [Yes] [No]
Portugal Audiogest [No] [No] [Yes]
Romania CREDIDAM [Yes] [Yes] [No]
Servië OFPS [No] [No] [Yes]
Servië IP [Yes] [Yes] [No]
Slovakia SLOVGRAM [Yes] [Yes] [No]
Slovenia IPF [Yes] [Yes] [Yes]
South Africa SAMPRA [Yes] [Yes] [Yes]
Spain AGEDI [No] [No] [Yes]
Spain AIE [Yes] [Yes] [No]
Sweden IFPI Sweden [No] [No] [Yes]
Sweden SAMI [Yes] [Yes] [No]
Switzerland SWISSPERFORM [Yes] [Yes] [No]
Trinidad & Tobago COTT [Yes] [Yes] [Yes]
Ukraine ULCRR/ULASP [Yes] [Yes] [No]
Ukraine UMA [Yes] [Yes] [Yes]
United Kingdom PPL [Yes] [Yes] [Yes]
United States of America AFM & SAG-AFTRA [No] [Yes] [No]
United States of America SOUNDEXCHANGE [Yes] [No] [Yes]