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Music played abroad


Sena's work abroad

Music transcends national borders. Given that Dutch music is also popular abroad, it’s important that your rights are managed beyond those borders as well. Sena manages your rights both at home and abroad.

Sena works across borders

In most European countries, copyright laws are comparable to those in the Netherlands. If your music is played in those countries, you are entitled to payment. We have concluded agreements with various international organizations. Thanks to these agreements, you only need to register with Sena. However, you also need to give us an international mandate, so that we may act as your representative in other countries. We will then make sure that you receive the payment due to you whenever your music is played abroad.

How do we collect payments from abroad?

Has your music been played abroad? If so, register your music with us as soon as possible. The sooner, the better. We will then take immediate steps to collect the payment due to you from abroad.

How do we collect payments from abroad?

Read more about Withholding Tax

Are you a producer who has released repertoire abroad?

Producers who have released repertoire abroad can give us a mandate to enforce their neighbouring rights abroad. You still need to be in possession of the rights to qualify for the ‘equitable remuneration’, meaning you must not have authorised another party to collect payment or transferred your rights to the licensee.

Rights per track, per country

To make the claims we submit as accurate as possible, we ask for the rights per track, per country. This also helps avoid duplicate claims. The advantage for you is that you do not too long need to wait for payment and receive what you are due as quickly as possible.

Playlists from abroad

We process the playlists of a large number of radio and television stations from abroad. Do you exactly want to know which stations are processed? Send an email to and we will send you an overview.

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