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Why and how to sign up?

Has your music ever been broadcast on radio and/or television? If so, you are entitled to payment

You don’t make music for nothing. Music is an essential element of our day-to-day lives and a determining factor in the success of many shops, hospitality venues, radio stations and television programmes. If you were involved in its creation as an artist, session musician or producer, you are entitled to payment.


Artists and producers are entitled to payment if their music has been played in public. Has your music ever been broadcast on radio and/or television? If so, you are entitled to payment. Don’t miss out – register now! Registration is free and straightforward.

Are you an artist and/or producer?

Artists are defined as members of a band, orchestra or choir, or singers, session musicians or conductors. Producers are tasked with financial responsibility for a recording and own the ‘master tape’.

Do you self-publish your music? Register as both an artist and a producer

Half of the payment for each track played goes to the artist(s), the other half goes to the producer. If you self-publish your music, you are both artist and producer, which means you are entitled to payment twice. To enable this, you need register yourself with Sena twice; once as an artist and once as a producer. Once registered, you can link your two accounts in MySena. Linking your accounts allows you to register your repertoire for both accounts in MySena and in our app.





Once registered, you will receive a personal Sena number. With this number you can access MySena, where you can add repertoire and view invoices, among other things.

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Sena App

In the Sena app you can view your current balance. This is the gross amount that you get paid at the next payment. The app also provides detailed insight into payments, with filters for track, channel, music year and country. It is also possible to store repertoire halfway through the registration process and complete it at a later time.   

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