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Music works

What is the added value of music?

Music is priceless

For you as a business, your customers and your employees. Whether played in a café or in a shop, music makes customers stay for longer, spend more money and return more often. At work, music makes employees become more productive and work faster. Have you discovered the added value of music yet?

We support Muziek Werkt, an independent platform that conducts and publishes its own and other research about the added value of music for businesses. What is the role of music in the workplace? What does music mean for a gym? And does music affect the customer’s in-store experience? These are questions for which Muziek Werkt provides answers.

We use the insights obtained from this research to demonstrate to businesses that music has an added value for them. We show not only that a music licence is a valuable investment, but also how they can optimise their musical efforts for the purpose of increasing their turnover. Which is exactly what our main ambition is.

Muziek Werkt (Dutch website)