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Why do you have to pay for the use of music?

Why do I have to pay to play music

We manage the rights of over 33,000 artists, session musicians and producers. We do this based on the Dutch Neighbouring Rights Act (WNR: Wet op de naburige rechten). This act dates from 1993 and states that ‘musicians and producers are entitled to equitable remuneration if the commercial phonograms published by them are publicly performed or played’. Or in plain language: music makers are entitled to equitable remuneration whenever their music is played in public. This does not apply exclusively to music from the Netherlands. You can arrange a licence through us when you wish to use music from abroad, too. The exact amount you must pay for a licence depends on the situation.

Do I need a licence?

When music is played outside the domestic sphere, we consider it public performance. For this public performance, we charge a payment on behalf of the music’s performers and producers in the form of a licence.

Music is played virtually everywhere. Examples include offices, factories, staff restaurants, warehouses, supermarkets, shops, warehouses, hotels, restaurants and cafés, as well as lifts, car parks, hospitals, swimming pools, sport canteens and gyms. Music can be used as background music (on the internet, for example) or hold music on the phone. Music works for you as an entrepreneur and your customers and employees. In addition, music defines the identity of a radio station or helps create the atmosphere, content and character of a television programme. You need a licence for practically every type of music use.

General licences

Do you play music in your organisation and are customers or employees able to hear it? If so, you most likely need a general licence. To find out what applies to your situation, just go to MijnLicentie.nl.

General licences

Media licences

Do you use music for an event, radio, television, online media or dance event? You can obtain the necessary media licence directly from Sena. Find more information about the use of music in these types of medium or events.

Media licences

Do you use music in your business?

Apply for a licence

Any questions?

Do you have a question?
Please contact the Service Centre for Copyright and Neighbouring Rights (SCAN). SCAN is the service organization of among others Sena and Buma.

Get in touch with SCAN
One of the SCAN colleagues will be happy to help. Call +31 (0)70 - 45 28 873 or email info@mijnlicentie.nl. SCAN is available on working days between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m.