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Music abroad

How does it work?

How do we collect payments from abroad?

Sena has concluded agreements with a large number of foreign collective management organisations on claiming and forwarding payments from abroad. This way, you can be safe in the knowledge that we will pursue the fullest and most accurate claim possible whenever your music is played abroad. This is how it works:

Step 1: receipt of airplay data

All foreign collective management organisations, except ADAMI in France and Sound Exchange (SX) in the USA, provide us with a list of all the tracks played that year.

Step 2: Matching of airplay data

Next, we match these foreign airplay data with data in our own repertoire file. We then send the line-up information per title to the foreign collective management organisation. We do this for all right holders who have given us a mandate to claim in a foreign country. We usually submit our claims in the second half of the year. As additional verification, we also actively run checks on unclaimed tracks in the portals of foreign collective management organisations. This is how we ensure the fullest and most accurate claim possible.

Step 3: Receipt of funds

The foreign collective management organisation processes our claim data and makes payments to us for every right holder in accordance with its own distribution sub-regulations.

Step 4: Payment of funds

Once received, we forward the payments from abroad to you during the next payment round (March, June, September or December).