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Filing a complaint

Unhappy? Tell us!

We do our best to obtain the best possible outcome for you. By consequence, we are continuously working to improve the quality of our service to you. However, there may still be times when you are not satisfied. If you still want to comment or file a complaint after having been in touch with our CRM department, we would like to hear from you.

I have a complaint

A complaint is a written notification (other than a comment) to us that you are unhappy about us or a decision we’ve made that affects your interests directly and personally. You must submit the clearly motivated complaint within three months of the complaint originating. Complete the form below and send it to us by email or by post.

I have a comment about a payment

A comment is a notification to us that you do not agree with the amount of a payment made by Sena. Alternatively, you may not have received any payment at all. You must submit a clearly motivated comment within three months of receiving the payment, receiving a specification for an impending payment or the year of distribution. Complete the form below and send it to us by email or by post.

When can you expect an answer?

You will receive confirmation of receipt within the week. We will answer your comment/complaint within a maximum of three months. If a comment/complaint is too complex to answer within three months, we may extend this term to a maximum of one year. The maximum term of one year does not apply to comments/complaints for which we depend on information from international sister organisations. In such cases, we will agree a separate term for an answer with you. In the rare event that a case takes more than three months to answer, we will inform you of our progress at least every six months.

Unhappy with the answer?

The Sena Disputes Committee was established to correctly settle any disputes that may arise in response to the distribution subregulations and/or the handling of comments or complaints. You may write to the Sena Conciliation Board if your comment/complaint has not been answered within the agreed term or you believe your comment/complaint was not handled correctly. You must do so within three months of the end of the agreed term. Write to: Secretariaat Sena Geschillencommissie, PO Box 113, 1200 AC Hilversum.

The Conciliation Board’s decision is binding, unless one of the parties indicates a preference for settlement of the dispute by a court of law within one month of the request being submitted. For more information about the Conciliation Board, please refer to Article 6 of the distribution subregulations and the regulations governing the Sena Conciliation Board.

By post

You can send your complaint/comment to:

Attn. afdeling Relatiebeheer
Postbus 113
1200 AC Hilversum
The Netherlands

By email

You can send your complaint/comment to:

Complaint form


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