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Licences for playing music on radio, television and online 


In everyday live we can't do without music

Music plays an important role in our lives. Music defines the identity of a radio station or helps create the atmosphere, content and character of a television programme. Music is being used more and more in the digital world, too. Below you can read about the type of medium or event for which you need a licence when music is played in public. All the documents to apply for a media licence can be found in our Download section. 

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Radio and television

Music and radio are inextricably linked. Whether it’s a public channel specialising in classical music or a commercial station that plays pop, the music played will determine the identity of the radio station. Music also plays an important role in TV programmes. In some cases, music even takes centre stage, such as in Ali B op Volle Toeren or the Top 2000 Quiz, for example. You need a licence to use music on radio and TV.


Distributors must obtain a licence for the public performance of broadcasting content using means such as cable, fibre and IP networks.



You will need a licence if you are organising a dance event or other event that makes use of mechanically reproduced music.

Online media

Music is widely used in the digital world, too. Whether this is through webcasting, podcasting or narrowcasting, online music works! And you need a licence for using music online, too.

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