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About Sena

Meet our team

Executive Board

The day-to-day management of Sena is conducted by the Executive Board, which consists of the CEO and the CFO. The Executive Board is monitored by the Supervisory Board. All important decisions must be adopted by the Board of Affiliates after having been approved by the Supervisory Board. 

The Composition of Boards



Sena’s employees are passionate about music. All 45 of them work hard every day to represent the rights of performers and producers as best they can.


Organisation chart

A few of our colleagues can be reached by telephone via a direct telephone number. You can find these telephone numbers below. In principle, our colleagues are available between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. It is preferable to send an email. You can also find these email addresses below.

Executive Board

Markus Bos
CEO 035-6251743
Hans Moolhuijsen
CFO 035-6251743


Aniek van der Valk
Data Analyst
Aschni Bakker
Data Employee
Bianca Vlietman
Customer Relation Employee
Carola van den Boom
Data Coordinator
Chantal Rooke
Manager Licences 035-6251758
Daniëlle van Slooten
Customer Relation Employee
Dennis Bunt
Customer Relation Employee
Dick Marjot
Teamlead IT
Dirk-Jan Jongeneel
F&A Employee 035-6251775
Dominique Franken
Manager Customer Relations & Service Desk 035-6251773
Esmée Hilhorst
Manager F&A
Evelien van de Wint
Project Manager
Fiona Tan
F&A Employee
Fiora Jagt
Project Manager
Inge Masselink
Data Analyst
Jacqueline Calis
Customer Relation Employee
Jennie Verstegen
Data Employee
Joost van der Meulen
Assistant Controller
Kevin Wagena
Business Controller
Kitha van Schooten
Office Manager 035-6251743
Marijke Trott
Marloes de Rijk
Communications Employee
Marsha van Essen
Administrative Employee Media
Maxime Roeterink
Data Employee
Merijn Dijkstra
Commercial Employee
Milan ter Weijden
General Counsel
Mirjam Bosdam
Data quality Employee
Monique den Hartog
F&A Employee
Nadine Kotterer
Remco van der Slot
Application Designer
Rick Commandeur
Data Employee & Producers claims
Rick de Jong
Application developer
Rik Kunnekes
Account Manager Collective Licences 035-6251710
Sabrina de Wit
Customer Relation Employee
Sander Teekens
Manager Data & IT
Sascha Barsties
Account Manager Media 035-6251724
Sandra Havekes
Communications Employee
Silvia Biemans
Account Manager Customer Relations 035-6251756
Simon de Koning
Accountmanager Customer Relations Abroad 035-6251713
Talitha van Nie
Data Employee
Vincent Beek
Application Designer
Wendela Bierman
Legal Counsel