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Withholding tax


Withholding tax

When your music is played in another country, Sena collects payments on your behalf. A number of rights organisations in other countries deduct withholding tax from this payment. In some cases, it is possible to recover this withholding tax.

Which countries deduct withholding tax?

When we collect payments in other countries, we aim to deduct no withholding tax or only the minimum percentage. However, rights organisations in other countries may also deduct withholding tax in accordance with local legislation or on the basis of an existing tax treaty between the Netherlands and the charging country. For right holders with a residential address in the Netherlands, these countries include the USA, Belgium, Finland, Italy, Austria and Poland. For right holders with a residential address outside the Netherlands, they additionally include Germany and Spain.

Looking for more information on tax treaties? Visit the Tax and Customs Administration website (Dutch website)

Preventing the deduction of withholding tax in the USA

We are committed to securing the highest possible payment for you. We may be able to prevent withholding tax from being deducted from payments from the USA. To prevent withholding tax from being deducted from payments from the USA, complete form W8Ben or W9. Download form W8Ben or W9

Recovering or offsetting withholding tax deducted in other countries

Under certain conditions, withholding tax may be recovered or offset against tax paid in the Netherlands. These conditions vary by country. Please consult your tax adviser for more information. Unfortunately, Sena is unable to help you with this.

Disclaimer: Sena makes every effort to ensure that the information it provides on the above topic is as accurate and comprehensive as possible. However, it is unable to guarantee the accuracy of such information if it has been derived from third parties. We therefore recommend that you consult a tax adviser regarding all national and international taxation aspects of payments collected and paid out by Sena.