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How to set up rights per track, per country for producers 

Rights per track, per country

In order to be able to accurately and correctly claim your remuneration with our sister MLC's abroad, you must submit your repertoire and indicate which rights you have per title per country. In that way, we can avoid double claims. Please submit your repertoire in due course so that we can start collecting ASAP.

Add rights
To access the country overview, first search for your main artist, album or record label. Of course, you can also request your entire repertoire at once. 

Then click on the button on the far right in the green menu (edit foreign rights). Please note that you will only be able to register the rights per title per country if you previously submitted the repertoire. If you have not yet submitted the repertoire, please do so first.

You now see a complete country overview, in which we have made an assumption about your rights percentage (100%). Should this be correct and thus applicable to your entire catalogue, then the only thing you need to do is click on Save at the bottom of the page. After that, the rights for your repertoire have been registered at 100% worldwide. 

If different start and end dates or percentages apply per country, then you can edit this by clicking the button for the applicable country. Please note that you need to generate a new line per situation (period or percentage) for the country in question.

Should you no longer have rights to a track in some countries, you can delete these countries from the list. Don't forget to press Save. 

If you wish to check if your claims have succeeded, please click on the repertoire line in your repertoire overview. Then click on 'show rights per country' under the track details. The country list of all rights percentages will be shown.

You can only claim the rights per title per country for titles that have an International Standard Recording Code (ISRC). Should the title lack an ISRC, first submit the ISRC via Claims/ISRC.

No neighbouring rights in all countries
The country overview shows all countries in the world, also those in which neighbouring rights do not exist. We show these countries on purpose. By doing so, we try to prevent that we have to request the rights registration per country afterwards (should these countries ratify the Rome Convention or the Wipo Performances and Phonograms Treaty).

No registration, no remuneration!
If you do not register the rights per title per country for your repertoire, we will not collect a remuneration for you abroad.