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About VOI©E

All collective management organisations in the Netherlands are members of the sector organisation VOI©E (a Dutch acronym that stands for Vereniging van Organisaties die Intellectueel eigendom Collectief Exploiteren).

Sena is certified with VOI©E's CMO Quality Mark for collective management organisations. Among other things, the CMO Quality Mark specifies criteria for the clarity and comprehensiveness of user terms and conditions. VOI©E ensures that all members comply with the standards of the quality mark.

In addition, VOI©E aims to increase the understanding of the enforcement of copyright and neighbouring rights, for instance by providing information about the working methods of its members. Furthermore, VOI©E serves as a central point of contact for business with questions, criticism or complaints pertaining to copyright and neighbouring rights.

VOI©E represents the following organisations:

    • Sena
    • Buma/Stemra
    • Videma
    • NORMA
    • STAP
    • Stichting De Thuiskopie 
    • Stichting Reprorecht
    • Stichting PRO
    • Stichting Lira
    • Stichting Leenrecht
    • SEKAM
    • VEVAM
    • Pictoright
    • StOPnl
    • SVVP
    • SCGO

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