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‘Why do I have to pay both Buma and Sena?’


Buma en Sena

‘Why do I have to pay both Buma and Sena?’ ‘What does Sena do with the money I pay for my licence?’ ‘Why do I have to pay to play music?’ We regularly field questions from all kinds of music users: hospitality industry entrepreneurs, retailers, financial services firms and health care providers. This series of articles answers a number of frequently asked questions. This time, we focus on why music users have to pay both the Dutch Performance Rights Organisation (Buma) and Sena.

There are many types of music makers. For example, a track is composed by composers and lyricists and then created by performers and record companies (producers). The resulting track is owned by all these music makers.

Payment due to both Sena and Buma
When businesses (retailers, offices, the media, the hospitality industry) use this track, all makers have a right to payment. The payment is due to both Sena and Buma, as both organisations represent the rights of music makers. The difference is the type of groups they represent. Composers, lyricists and publishers are paid through Buma, while performers and producers are paid through Sena.

Fees for businesses
No business can be expected to keep track of all the music it plays and the music makers behind it. That is why they pay a reasonable, set fee each year, which is passed on to the music makers. The amount of this fee depends on how the business uses the music, the number of employees and the surface area of the business the music is played in, among other things. Sena’s fee schedule lists the fees for various situations.

An invoice via Mijnlicentie: what’s that all about?
The invoice that businesses receive is sent via MijnLicentie. This is because Sena and Buma have joined forces to set up the service organisation Scan (a Dutch acronym that stands for Service Centrum Auteurs- en Naburige rechten), trading as Mijnlicentie, which is responsible for the administrative handling of music licences. Visit to calculate the amount of your payment quickly and easily.

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