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Sena Performers Music Production Fund


Want to make your own recording? The Sena Performers Music Production Fund can help

Are you a professional musician and do you want to release your music in a digital or physical format, but are you short of cash? The Sena Performers Music Production Fund can help you out with the support you need to take the next step in your musical career.

Application rounds in 2021

As in previous years, there will be several application rounds in 2021. An overview can be found below. Applicants will be told whether their application has been successful within three months.

Application round 1: From 2 November until 7 March 2021

This means that sunday 7 March is the deadline for the first application round. Applications received after that date will be carried over to the next application round.

Application round 1: 4 November 2021 until 8 March 2021
Application round 2 : 8 March until 6 June 2021
Application round 3 : 7 June until 31 October 2021 

How to apply

If you want to make your own recording too, check the terms and conditions (Dutch) to see whether your application qualifies for funding. If it does, complete the application form and send the form (Dutch), including all necessary attachments and as a single file by email to

Each year, the Sena Performers Music Production Fund receives more than 200 requests for funds out of its annual budget of €300,000, so only a limited number of applications will be successful. All funding decisions are made by Sena’s Performers Section, following consultation with an advisory committee. Applications are assessed by the committee on the basis of a number of criteria, as specified in the funding terms and conditions.

If you have any questions, send an email to